Good Evening, I'm Amelia

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Good Evening, I'm Amelia  Empty Good Evening, I'm Amelia

Сообщение автор Desi11346 в Вс 6 Май 2018 - 2:50

Name: My real name is Destiny however I would prefer to be called Amelia
Equus-Sims forum profile link: [Вы должны быть зарегистрированы и подключены, чтобы видеть эту ссылку]
How did you find our community?: Equus as well as various Facebook post
Why do you want to be an approved member?: I'd love to become a full member of the forum so I can enter some competitions such as Show Jumping and Barrel Racing. I mean cc is good and all but I'd love to be in the forum for as long as you will have me
Tell us about your stables: My stable is Black Raspberry Rescue and Estates, we have our own website that I'm scared to link because I do not wish to break rules
Your horses' breeds?: I breed anything from Aegidienbergers to Paso Finos
Do you have your character in The Sims?: I do my character is Amelia Rose.
Good Evening, I'm Amelia  26172210

I know I haven't met some of the requirements but I thought I get this out of the way. I hope you have a lovely day and thank you for considering my application to be an approved member I love you

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