Hello from Poland :)

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Hello from Poland :)

Сообщение автор Sara Keyn в Вт 21 Ноя 2017 - 11:12

Name: Sara Keyn
Equus-Sims forum profile link: [Вы должны быть зарегистрированы и подключены, чтобы видеть эту ссылку] equus.community /forum / memberlist.php ? mode = viewprofile&u = 12547
How did you find our community?: My friends from another forum have recommended.
Why do you want to be an approved member?: I would like to show my stables and with horses to take part in competitions and meet new friends.
Tell us about your stables: Our stable is called Golden Rose Stable. I mainly deal with warmblood breeding and training and Deutsche Ride Pony.
Your horses' breeds?: We have Warmblood and Deutche Ride Pony
Do you have your character in The Sims?: The owner is Cloe Everland and she is my main character.

Sara Keyn
Sara Keyn

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