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Сообщение автор Darius Royle в Вт 18 Июл 2017 - 3:48

Name: Camy, my character is Darius Royle.
Equus-Sims forum profile link: [Вы должны быть зарегистрированы и подключены, чтобы видеть эту ссылку]
How did you find our community?: I found it on Equus Sims :D
Why do you want to be an approved member?: I would love to join the community by participating in events (I love racing and dressage) and also help out by making facilities since I love to build as well as doing landscaping.
Tell us about your stables: Mine is called Elk Grove Equestrian Center, I made it back in 2013 after I got back into the Equus Sims world when the registeries shifted to an admin one rather than a user manages it (I had Briar Sage Ranch for Brumbies at the time).  My stables is located in the mountains here in Texas with a vast forest that elk frequent often.  I have an older album back on Equus Sims [Вы должны быть зарегистрированы и подключены, чтобы видеть эту ссылку] that is on the silly side along with competition photos and horses shown and bought along with building my facilities a couple times (in the process of building a new one XD)
Your horses' breeds?: I wish I could do all xD  I breed and train Friesians, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, and Marwaris though recently I got to thinking of making a Peruvian Paso since my grandfather who passed away many years back loved them and drew them a lot, he even drew some for me when I visited him (he lived at Lima, Peru).
Do you have your character in The Sims?: I do!  His name is Darius Royle and he has an injured right eye and has a way with horses.  He's a pretty casual guy who doesn't care if he's out in the bathrobe at night lol!
Screenshot: Oh gosh, which one to choose...I had a lot of fun with doing this barrel racing one a two years back. It was the first time doing the discipline and the way the picture came out was super fun to draw in the reins!  The one riding the APH known as RHS Finishing Touch, is Eric Rown, Elk Grove's very own cowboy! :D

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Darius Royle
Darius Royle

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Camy Empty Re: Camy

Сообщение автор Ryan Alvaro в Вт 25 Июл 2017 - 17:01

Welcome! Your questionnaire has been approved

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